Laura Moretz’s newspaper newsroom writing and editing experience built skills in writing with
daily deadlines, writing simply, and writing correctly. She has deep experience in interviewing
subject-matter experts and broad experience interviewing people for personal and business
profiles for magazines. She writes precisely and explains complex ideas simply.

Laura Moretz is a sensitive and accurate ghostwriter who uses interviews to translate a
subject’s ideas and experiences into a coherent, article or story. She has completed many
ghostwriting projects for executives and ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

Tapestries of Truth, Winston-Salem Journal

Choir Boy, Guideposts Magazine

Ruth’s Pincushions, Guideposts Magazine

Service Learning, Learning Service, Wake Forest Magazine


Laura Moretz is a precise editor who first seeks to understand a writer’s audience and message.
She then offers a range of engagement with a text, from developmental editing, line editing,
copyediting, and proofreading. Each of these types of editing comprises a different set of

questions and interactions with a text. These engagements are typically done in sequence, not
all at once. She is fluent in AP Style and Chicago Manual of Style.

Indefinite Postponement by John P. Williams MD, copyediting

Novel copyediting for work in progress by Ellen Neuborne

Developmental and copyeditng for other projects

Academic article copyediting for Wake Forest University professor

Edit texts for correctness and maximum readability using styles including AP Style and Chicago Manual of Style.

Edit for style with a close look at each sentence and how it works to improve meaning and


See examples of writing including B2B technology, Construction technology, Robotics, and more.